Free Online Tools and Calculators to help Your UK immigration application

On this page we share some of our own calculators that we use to prepare immigration applications. You are welcome to download these for personal use. Each file is an Excel spreadsheet, and the instructions for use are contained in each spreadsheet.

Do ensure that you download the correct calculator for your circumstances.

Please note that these calculators are for guidance only, and White Rose Visas cannot be held responsible for any decisions or actions taken on the basis of use of these calculators. For an expert assessment of your situation, including absences, get in touch with one of our experienced immigration advisers. We offer a free 30 minute consultation.

Calculators to Assess Permitted Absences

Settlement Application, 3 / 5 year: Qualifying period AFTER 11 January 2018

Settlement Application, 5 year: Qualifying period BEFORE 11 January 2018

Settlement Application, 10 year: SET(LR)

Citizenship Application (AN), 5 year route

Citizenship Application (AN), 3 year route


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