At White Rose Visas, our aim is to allow you to hire the employees your business needs, no matter what nationality they are. Our service is designed to make the process of obtaining a Sponsor Licence straightforward and simple for you, thus saving you time and mitigating the risk of Home Office refusal. We have an excellent track record in assisting companies of all sizes: from global firms, to those who only need to employ one or two key migrant workers. We also assist a number of religious, charitable, and Not For Profit organisations.




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What do our Sponsor Licence clients say about White Rose Visas?

Spiritan is an international religious charitable organization that has over 4,000 religious missionaries all over the world. Getting religious visas for them can be very complicated and on many occasions we had their visas refused: until three years ago we engaged the services of White Rose Visas to support us with the applications. White Rose Visas have successfully helped us with an average of 15 applications per year. The staff are highly professional in their work, they handle the anxiety that goes with seeking a visa to the UK with ease; their guidance, hard work and expertise makes the process easy and stress free for our applicants.

Excellent service provided throughout the entire process. I can't recommend them highly enough.

It has been so delightful working with you. I can't thank you enough for all the effort you made to help us get this certificate, which probably wouldn't have happened without you.

Your details were given to me by _ and I have constantly kept them up to date and advised them about the excellent service that White Rose has offered. I would have no hesitation in recommending your company in the future and have made all those involved aware of this! Many thanks once again, for making a daunting task so stress free and simple.

How can White Rose Visas help you?

White Rose Visas assists UK employers in gaining a Sponsor Licence, which is required if they wish to employ people from outside the UK and EU. We can also manage the process of issuing Certificates of Sponsorship, and can assist employees with their own visa applications.

We offer support to those Sponsor Licence holders who are faced with a Home Office compliance visit. In such a situation, the most important thing is to thoroughly check in advance of the visit whether your company's systems will meet Home Office criteria. We also provide you with our written guide to compliance visits, and offer individual coaching on questions that will be asked during the visit.

Our flagship Sponsor Premium Support Package includes all the services to enable you to satisfy Home Office requirements on an ongoing basis, with no hassle or risk to you.

The first year of the Premium Support Package is included for free to all our Sponsor Licence clients. Subsequent years are charged on an annual basis, but the fee paid for this service is credited towards all applications (e.g. Certificates of Sponsorship, or employee's immigration applications) made in that year. The Sponsor Premium Support Package includes:

  • Unlimited support and advice by phone, email, and in person
  • Named responsibility for the Home Office’s Sponsor Management System as your Level One User and Key Contact
  • Responsibility for management of your annual certificate allocation renewal process: we will contact you ahead of time to assist with planning your sponsorship needs for the year ahead and will submit these requests on your behalf to the Home Office
  • Responsibility for your legal reporting duties as a Sponsor to the Home Office, including changes to employee's work location, changes to employee job details, employee leaving
  • Notifying the Home Office of changes to Key Personnel within your organisation eg/ Change of Authorising Officer, Level 1 User
  • Proactive notification of any relevant policy or rules changes
  • Proactive notification/ reminder of any critical deadlines
  • Advice on your employees' rights and responsibilities (including permitted absence periods from the UK), and those of their dependants/ families (including their right to work)
  • Creation and maintenance of a bespoke shared Migrant Tracker spreadsheet which contains all information required by the Home Office
  • Annual audit based on the criteria used by the Home Office during compliance visits, to ensure your systems are up to date and acceptable
  • Storage of all documents required by the Home Office in relation to sponsored workers, e.g. right to work documents, National Insurance evidence, professional certificates evidence of work undertaken

Our Certificate of Sponsorship service (CoS/ RCoS) includes:

  • assigning the CoS/ RCoS on your behalf in the Sponsor Management System (SMS)
  • submitting the RCoS request to meet the Home Office’s monthly deadline
  • ensuring that you meet the Resident Labour Market Test (RLMT)
  • assistance with placing the job advertisements such that the RLMT is met
  • obtaining correct screenshots to meet Home Office requirements
  • secure storage of job advert screenshots
  • ensuring that the correct SOC code is used
  • our track record of success in supporting companies to issue Certificates

We offer a free thirty minute consultation. Book an appointment for a chat, call us, or send an email - and we can provide a detailed analysis of the options open to you. This initial consultation is entirely without obligation.


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