UKVI Premium Application Process

As of 2018, the UK immigration application system has changed. Therefore the following page is out of date and is retained for historical interest only. View our overview of the current UK immigration application system here.

How to make a premium application

Premium appointments are also known as Same Day appointments, In Person appointments, or Fast Track appointments. Premium appointments allow you to receive your decision on the same day. Your passports and all supportive documents are also returned to you on the same day. The Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) is then issued within 10 working days.

You should book your appointment online, by visiting the UKVI premium appointment page. You will need to book an appointment at one of the seven Service and Support Centres (SSCs) in the UK. You can choose which centre to apply to - it does not have to be the nearest one to you. The SSCs are located at:

Immigration routes

Premium applications are only available for certain immigration routes, not all. In the following cases, you may choose between a Premium or a Postal application, depending on your requirements.


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