How To Choose An Immigration Adviser

Do I need to use a representative?

There is no obligation for the applicant to use a representative (i.e., a professional immigration adviser/ immigration lawyer). Many people make successful applications on their own, perhaps using information and advice found on the internet.

However, in some situations it can be advisable to use a reputable representative. This is especially true if your application is not straightforward, or if you need a guaranteed fast decision on your case.

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A good representative will ensure that all the necessary documents are included with your application, in the correct format, to ensure that your application is successful. The Guidance notes provided by the Home Office for each application type must be strictly adhered to. Not only is this Guidance very detailed, but also the Home Office are well known for making significant changes without much (or sometimes any!) warning.

For this reason, a reputable adviser can greatly increase the chances of a successful application. We estimate that of the applications we assist with, around 50% would have failed without our support.

At White Rose Visas, we believe in being as open as possible. So, from the start, we give you all the information needed to help you make your crucial decisions. If you don't need to make an application, or you would be better to delay, then we'll tell you that. If it's something that you can easily do yourself, without a Representative, we'll tell you that too.

What should I look for in an immigration adviser?

  • Someone who is highly experienced, and regulated by the OISC or the Law Society
  • Someone who specialises in immigration law: we would not recommend appointing a generalist solicitor, since due to the rapid pace of change in immigration legislation you need someone who works in this area day-in, day-out
  • Always look for good reviews, ideally those that mention the specific adviser you will be working with
  • Clear and prompt communication is a necessity when preparing an immigration application: you need to be able to communicate well with your designated adviser
  • White Rose Visas team and clients
  • You need an adviser who is kind and compassionate, who understands the situation you are in and prioritise your needs and requirements
  • It is advisable to agree beforehand a fee that covers all aspects of your case: beware of companies who surcharge for all sorts of 'extras' (postage, making copies, spending extra time on your case ...)
  • It helps to begin with a free initial consultation, so that you can consider all your available options in a no-pressure way
  • In case things do go wrong, it is great to have a Guarantee to fall back on, so that you don't end up out of pocket


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