To be eligible to apply for a Graduate Entrepreneur visa you must obtain an endorsement from either UK Trade and Investment or an authorised UK Higher Education Institution. You need to apply within one year of your relevant qualification being awarded.

The UKVI sets an annual limit to the number of Graduates Higher Education Institutions are able to endorse each year. The current limit is 1,900 places per year.

In order to be successful in obtaining an endorsement from a Higher Education Institution, you must be a graduate and you must be able to convince them that you have a genuine and credible business idea.

Unlike the standard Entrepreneur visa, you are not required to show any level of investment funds in order to apply for a Graduate Entrepreneur visa. You are still required to show a specified level of maintenance and English language ability.

The Graduate Entrepreneur visa is granted for one year, and if required, permits an extension of a further one year.

A Graduate Entrepreneur visa holder may switch in to the Tier 1 Entrepreneur category with a minimum investment of £50,000, rather than the usual £200,000. The Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa permits a longer stay in the UK, and leads to Settlement.

Dependants of Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur have the right to live and work in the UK. There is no limit to absences outside the UK.


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