Premium appointments are also known as Same Day appointments, In Person appointments, or Fast Track appointments. Premium appointments allow you to receive your decision on the same day. Your passports and all supportive documents are also returned to you on the same day. The Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) is then issued within 10 working days.

White Rose Visas: Premium service

White Rose Visas can book an appointment on your behalf for a Premium visa application. Our offices are located in Sheffield, UK, which provides easy access to the Sheffield Premium Service Centre (PSC). We have an excellent and long standing relationship with the staff at Sheffield PSC. All of our premium clients are accompanied and assisted by one of our experienced, OISC-registered advisers on the day of the appointment. Alternatively, we are happy to accompany you to another UK Premium Service Centre, including Liverpool, Birmingham, or Croydon (London). Do get in touch.

Though our offices are based in Sheffield, we are proud to welcome clients from across the UK, including many from London and Southern England, Birmingham and the Midlands, and Belfast and Northern Ireland. Before the day of your appointment we do not need to see you in person unless you wish to do so, but instead can communicate with you by phone, email, or Skype - whichever is most convenient for you. On the day of your appointment, you will have to attend your chosen Premium Service Centre to provide biometrics.

Premium appointments are available for:

How to book your own Premium appointment

If you don't require assistance in completing your application, or the support of a Representative on the day of the appointment, then you may wish to book your own Premium appointment directly with the UKVI. In this case, you should visit the UKVI premium appointment page. You will need to book an appointment at one of the seven Public Service Centres (PSCs) in the UK. You can choose which centre to apply to - it does not have to be the nearest one to you. The PSCs are located at:

If you have already booked your own Premium appointment, but now would like assistance or support, then we are able to help. In this case we would answer any questions that you have, complete the application form(s), carry out a full document check, and attend the Premium Service Centre on the day with you, as your nominated Representative.


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