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White Rose Visas: fees and payment methods

We offer a free initial consultation - in person, by phone or by email - of up to 30 minutes.

At White Rose Visas' we operate a fixed fee system. This covers your entire application, no matter how much time your adviser needs to spend on you and your case. We don't charge extra for secure postage, credit card fees, or phone support.

We also offer a guarantee: You only pay our fee if your application is successful.

Our fees for Points Based Visas

Postal/ Entry ClearancePremium
Tier 1 (Entrepreneur)£1890N/A
Tier 1 (Entrepreneur): discounted rate for two applicants applying as a Team£1590 eachN/A
Tier 1 (Entrepreneur): Enhanced Package£3390N/A
Tier 1 (Entrepreneur): Enhanced Package, discounted rate for two applicants applying as a Team£2340 eachN/A
Tier 1 (Graduate Entrepreneur)£640N/A
Tier 1 (Graduate Entrepreneur): Enhanced Package£1740N/A
Tier 1 (Investor)£3540N/A
Tier 1 (Exceptional Talent)£640£890
Tier 2 (General/ ICT/ Minister of Religion) - to include checking of relevant Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS)£640£890
Tier 2 (General/ ICT/ Minister of Religion) Priority Postal - to include checking of relevant Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS)£740N/A
Tier 4 (General) - to include checking of relevant Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies (CAS)£540£790
Tier 4 (Child) - to include checking of relevant Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies (CAS)£740£990
Tier 5 (Temporary workers)£640£890
Tier 5 (Sporting)£840£1090
PBS Dependant Individual Application£540£790
Per Dependant (with main application)£340£340

Our fees for Settlement Visas

PostalPremium/ Entry Clearance
Indefinite Leave to Remain (Marriage)from £840from £1090
Indefinite Leave to Remain (Other)£840£1090
Indefinite Leave to Remain (Long Residence) - to include Subject Access Request£840£1090
Indefinite Leave to Remain switching from Tier 1 (Entrepreneur)£1890N/A
Further Leave to Remain (Marriage)from £840from £1090
Marriage/ Partner/ Fiancé(e)from £840from £1090
No Time Limit£640£890
Per Dependant (with main application)£290£290

Our fees for Sponsors (Employers and Organisations)

Sponsor Licence Application£1290
For White Rose Visas to become a Representative and Level One User for an existing Sponsor£590
To assign each Unrestricted Certificate of Sponsorship£390
To assign each Restricted Certificate of Sponsorship£590
Sponsor Premium Support Package£490

Our fees for EEA Applications

Postal/ Entry Clearance
EEA Residence Card£590
EEA Family Permit£590
Extended Family Member£740
Permanent Residency Card£740
Retained Right of Residence£1090
Surinder Singh Route£1090
Per Dependant (with main application)£290

Other Applications

Postal/ Entry Clearance
Discretionary and Complex Applicationsfrom £1090
Out of Time Applicationsfrom £1090
Human Rights Applicationsfrom £1090
FLR(FP) Applicationsfrom £1190
Citizenship application, including certification of documents£640
Visitorfrom £540
Representative of an Overseas Business£1890
Administrative Review (Admin Review)from £640

For work that does not fit one of the previous services, we will charge our standard rate of £90 per hour.

All fees quoted are for the services of White Rose Visas only. You will also need to budget for the Home Office fees.

All fees are exclusive of VAT.

Payment methods

We accept payment by bank transfer, cheque, debit card, credit card, or PayPal. There is no extra charge for any of these payment methods.

Refund policy

Your adviser will, from the start, be transparent and clear regarding the fee that will be applicable to your case, or a best estimate of that fee where some uncertainty is warranted. An invoice will only be issued once you are entirely clear about what service is being offered, and how the cost of that service has been derived.

Our Guarantee applies to all applications except those Entry Clearance (out of country) applications that fall outside the Points Based System (PBS). This Guarantee states you only pay our fee if the application is successful. In cases not covered by our Guarantee, it is not White Rose Visas' policy to offer refunds.

If, the above notwithstanding, you believe that a refund is justified, our complaints procedure asks you to put your concerns in writing to us. We will provide a written response within 7 working days.

White Rose Visas are authorised by The Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner: Registration Number F201200452

White Rose Visas is a trading name of White Rose Visas Ltd, Registered in England & Wales, Company Number 7680391, Registered Office White Rose Visas Ltd, Wharf House, Victoria Quays, Wharf Street, Sheffield S2 5SY, United Kingdom