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Tier 1 Entrepreneur


Tier 1 Entrepreneur is a route that is actively promoted and encouraged by the UK Government. It is attractive and achievable to many who are interested in living and working in the UK.

The required investment is a minimum of 200,000. However, it should be noted that two applicants can come together as a Team and pool this amount of money between the two of them.

Tier 1 Entrepreneur is initially granted for three years, after which applicants may apply for an extension of a further two years. In order to qualify for an extension after the initial three year period, applicants must be able to show that the required amount of money has indeed been invested, and that a minimum of two new jobs resulted from their business activities.

Tier 1 Entrepreneur holders become eligible to apply for settlement after five years, or three years under the accelerated route.

Dependants of Tier 1 Entrepreneur have the right to live and work in the UK. Tier 1 Entrepreneur holders may spend as much as six months of the year outside the UK.

White Rose Visas: Enhanced Entrepreneur Support

At White Rose Visas, we offer a range of services for Entrepreneur applicants. As part of our basic service, we complete the application form on your behalf, ensure that your documents perfectly meet UK Government requirements, and closely guide you through each stage of the application process. We are pleased to offer a significant discount where two applicants apply as part of a single Team.

Our Enhanced Entrepreneur Package is a complete support service to enable you to develop a suitable business plan, prepare and practice for your application interview, obtain your visa, and set up your new business such that Home Office requirements are met. In detail, the Enhanced Package includes:

  • Consultation on business options
  • Preparation of a complete, bespoke, business plan on your behalf
  • Market Research and Competitor Analysis
  • Pre-interview support and training, including a mock interview, with written feedback
  • Advice on meeting the investment & employment requirements of extension application
  • Company & Director registration with Companies House (alternatively, self-employment registration with HMRC)
  • Employer registration with HMRC, including taxation requirements such as PAYE
  • Assistance with setting up payroll, so as to meet Government requirements
  • Liaison with other industry leading professionals essential to the start-up and management of your business, such as an accountant and contract lawyer

This package is proving increasingly popular, not least because from early 2013 the UK Government has taken much more interest in the detail and viability of applicant's business plans and market research. It is our experience that the majority of Tier 1 Entrepreneur refusals are due to inadequate business plan and/ or market research, or interview failure due to lack of knowledge of business plan and market research.

White Rose Visas are authorised by The Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner: Registration Number F201200452

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