Do I need to use a Representative?

There is no obligation for the applicant to use a representative (i.e., a professional immigration adviser/ immigration lawyer). Many individuals make successful applications on their own, perhaps using information and advice found on the internet. However, it is often beneficial to use a reputable representative, particularly where your application is not straightforward, or if you need a guaranteed fast decision on your case.

A good adviser will ensure that all the necessary documents are included with your application, in the correct format, to ensure that your application is successful. The Guidance notes provided by the Home Office for each application type must be strictly adhered to, yet the very detailed and changeable nature of this Guidance can make it hard to ensure full compliance.

For this reason, a reputable adviser can greatly increase the chances of a successful application. We estimate that of the applications that we receive, around 50% would have failed without our support. Indeed, the Home Office's own figures show that 25% of in country Points Based System applications are rejected.

At White Rose Visas, we believe in being as open as possible. So, from the start, we give you all the information needed to help you make your crucial decisions. If you don't need to make an application, or you would be better to delay, then we'll tell you that. If it's something that you can easily do yourself, without a representative, we'll tell you that too.

What should I look for in an immigration adviser?


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